Fat Joe- The Fat Joe Show ft. P.Diddy

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  1. Covid might be killing more black people but it's not killing more black people then anything else. It's not killing all that many people, they admitted that they inflated death #, that mfs could get hit by a car and labeled covid without a test.
    It is a set up as far as them producing fear and control. I'm not saying it's fake, people are dying. But these type of viruses are common over time, could be a weapon but idk, i genuinely feel you're a little off the mark

  2. Marcus Gavey built the apartments for the blacks build the schools for the blacks built the private banks for the blacks, made the boat, which brings back the blacks in Africa why the blacks today, we have money, they cannot make like Marcus Gavey but everyone doesn't care about each other, that's our suffering. today the black community

  3. Diddy kno he part puerto rican…🤔
    Most of the celebs are part of a hidden agenda…
    And these are only end times prophesies coming tru 💯
    God is not pleased!! God will give u free will to choose but when the veil is lifted and you did not humble yourself in front of the Lord…the word says those left behind will seek death & mot find it 😱