Fat Joe- The Fat Joe Show ft. Alexandria Ocasio (AOC)

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  1. AOC is a SNAKE. She is low key very RACIST against BLACK PPL. She kept trying to UNDERMINE REPARATIONS, which showed her contempt for BLACKS. She' doesn't want to see us get JUSTICE. She was criticized 4 that recently. So now she's trying to act like she gives a fuck about Blacks. FOH. AOC is a SNAKE.

  2. AOC is a piece of trash, the scumbag trying to hijack the Black agenda to get votes. During this whole video, she mentions Black people NONE and what we getting. Plus, she supports Jim Crow Biden who was a staunch segregationist in the 60s and 70s, Plus the guy who wrote the 1994 Crime Bill. Do not trust these Latinos Black family!!